A Multicast RPF Problem

Hi all

I have a Multicast rfp problem with this sparse-dense network .Here is the topology.

R1 --

         -----R3 ---- Sw1 ------R5 ---FR---R6

R2 --/

R3 is the Frame relay hub for R1 & R2. R1 has some groups joind to its fa0/0,and is the auto RP.
With the RP map agent on both R1 or R3. I can`t ping those groups FROM R5.In 'show ip mroute" of R5, all outgoing interfaces are set to s0/0 which connects it to R6.I made R5 the dr for R6,also "ip mroute .." on R5 pointing the rp mapping agent address and rp address to R3`s fa0/0,but the outgoing interface for all entries in R5 still points to s0/0.Sw1 is not member of Multicast.All routers can ping the groups except R5 and subsequently R6.
What should I do to see the outgoing interface in R5 toward R3?


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