Is CCIE RS lab attempt still worth?

I am preparing for the CCIE RS track and since more and more organizations are going for SDWAN and automation, so is it still worth to go for RS track. Of course, RS is basis more most of the certs out there and one must possess the CCNP level of knowledge but even having CCIE level of knowledge is good, but is it worth going for the lab


  • Hello singhraminder,

    Yes CCIE RS still worth it .

    Automation and software define networking ( SD-WAN, SD-ACCESS ) is only tools that change the way you manage the network , and add intelligence overlay to the network .

    For automation and network programability , you cannot program what you dont know ( network ) , meaning that you cannot program OSPF if you dont understand OSPF

    TCP is still there , Routing protocols still there , and CCIE gives you the needed knowledge to build automation and SDN upon .


  • I use to get the same question why I prepare RS lab track. Ibraheem answer is rock solid!

  • Hi singhraminder, good luck on CCIE RS. If you are interested with discounted CCIE written and lab voucher, you can PM me.

  • I posted the same question on this forum back in DEC 2017 and gave my reasons then for deciding to put aside the CCIE and focus more on security(offensive/defensive), Cloud, automation and languages like Python and C. While routing and switching is relevant and important you don't need a CCIE to have that skill set. There's a term in finance called "opportunity cost" which addresses taking one alternative over another. I made my first attempt right before V5 was announced and was prepping for my 2nd attempt when I pulled the plug. I was spending at least 25hrs a week outside of work prepping for the CCIE and felt that my time could be better spent increasing my knowledge base in other areas.

    I work as a Solutions Architect for a VAR and we've been a Gold Partner with Cisco for some time and I've talked to a number of people on the Cisco side who confirmed what I felt I knew, which was Cisco was placing more of an emphasize on their Engineers being able to understand automation and having some coding skills along with a basic understanding of use cases for Cloud deployments. The changes coming should make the CCIE R/S more relevant . By the way INE used to be a straight CCIE shop, nothing but CCIE wkbk's, videos and labs. When Cisco themselves say that automation , orchestration and program-ability are the best best way to go and doing hop by hop configs using the CLI is a thing of the past and your still trying to past the hop by hop CLI lab well ...

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    I did it :-), long story short ...

    I Passed, using INE! Videos and the labs for the umpteenth. Labbing, labbing and more labbing. Several Cisco Books. It was a looooong journey. I kept going when others gave up and thought it was no longer worth it. They...... TAPPED OUT.

    I never quit.


    Also, I've been writing scripts and have been coding Python since 2012.

    DO BOTH. I have coding skills and I passed the CCIE. It doesn't have to be either or, if you're dedicated enough you could do both!

    DO BOTH!

    Very Respectfully,
    CCIE# 61935

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