OSPF Terms - Internal Router

Hi everyone,
Recently I was reviewing CCNA Video Series for @kbogart and I confused about one term in OSPF " Internal Router " which is a router with all of its interfaces in one area but not the backbone area (Area 0) and this definition is from Cisco ICND2 Official Certification guide in page 190 table 7-7 OSPF Design terminology. But Keith said in his video (Internal Router = an OSPF router with all of its interfaces in one area and does not matter which area is it, it could be any area even the backbone area) so which one is correct?
Note: the video title is OSPF Network Types, Router Roles, & Tables in ICND 2 Technologies series.
I know it might be silly question But I'm very accurate with the terms and appreciate your response and help. in the end, I want to thank Keith Bogart for his amazing videos it helps me a lot and this amazing community.

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