IP unnumbered - Nexus 5600

Hello all,

I am trying to practice building routing adjacencies using an ip unnumbered design but I am not sure why my physical interface is not getting the option for 'ip unnumbered'.
NXOS: 7.0(8)N1(1)
Model: 5672UP

IP numbered interface:
interface loopback1
ip address
ip router isis UNDERLAY

IP unnumbered interface:
interface Ethernet1/1
no switchport
mtu 9216

5k1(config)# int eth 1/1
5k1(config-if)# ip ?
access-group Specify access control for packets
address Configure IP address on interface
arp Configure ARP parameters
directed-broadcast IP directed-broadcast
igmp IGMP interface configuration commands
load-sharing Style of load sharing
local-proxy-arp Configure local proxy ARP
port Port policy
port-unreachable Enable sending ICMP port-unreachable
proxy-arp Configure proxy ARP
redirects Send ICMP Redirect messages
router Enable a routing process
unreachables Enable sending ICMP unreachables (other than port-unreachable)
verify Configure Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding or IP Source Guard

I believe the port has to be a P2P port, but I also do not get an option to set it as 'medium p2p'

5k1(config-if)# m?
mac MAC
mtu Configure mtu for the port
mvr-group MVR interface config
mvr-type MVR interface config
mvr-vlan Interface MVR Config

5k1(config-if)# m

Any help is greatly appreciated


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