New to CCNA

Pls, i would like to be CCNA 200-125 certified this year. What resources should i take up? Is there any one with current videos and books to assist me?


  • kenmine, I as well will be attempting my CCNA. I would ask, do you do cisco routing and switching daily? if yes, go after the 200-125. if no, (this is me) then you DEFINITELY NEED to take the 2 parts. You will learn more information and the tests are easier. It takes the same amount of preparation time for the two tests as it does for the one single test, but you will learn much more and have a greater understanding of what your are testing on. This will greatly prepare you for the CCNP if that is the route you want to take.

    Me personally, I watched Keiths INE videos on the separate tests and read Cisco Press cert guides by Wendell Odom. Between these two you should gain all your information. You still need more though. Either go on ebay and buy some routers and switches (I did something like this), or you INE Rack rentals. If you dont want the physical devices, do this. I used the rack rentals when I went to the bootcamp and I LOVED THEM! they cost about $3 an hour and if you buy the videos you will get about 50 tokens i Believe. You will want to practice test a bunch as well for this will get your mind into the deep understanding if you know this or not.

    i hope this helps.

    Good luck

  • best of all for practice is either GNS3 or UNL. both are free and ROI (in sense of time) is great for long run. These tools will help you up to CCIE level preps.

  • I'm also just starting my CCNA cert training. I'm reading around and seeing lots of resources, but didn't want to invest a lot of money into study material that isn't needed. For instance, I see a number of videos on YouTube, but couldn't tell you how useful they are. Also, I suspect a virtual lab environment will be necessary for studying. Where might I find these resources?

    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

    $750 for Cisco's Lab Solution seems overpriced.

  • GabeGabe ✭✭

    This is a list of OR/AND, meaning you can buy one or the other or one and the other:

    • Buy an INE subscription or the CCNA video download option, whichever you can afford
    • Buy a Cisco subscription at
    • Buy the Cisco Press certification guide
    • Buy INE tokens and workbooks for practice labs
    • Buy a VIRL subscription at
    • Look at how-to videos and learn how to use VIRL images
    • If viable, enroll in a Cisco Networking Academy program

    It costs money to obtain a properly earned certification and the knowledge that comes with it, be ready and willing to invest.

  • Thanks Gabe! These look like great resources!

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