Python vs Powershell all access pass

I easily found for the powershell course a powershell command:
Start-Transcript C:\csc\powershell\ine_powershell.txt -Append -IncludeInvocationHeader

That's a command that let's me log all output of all commands I type in during the powershell course - I love it - as I follow along with the instructor.

! It's a beginner course so it's a beginner command.

I have to retake the entire python courses because I basically remember nothing.

How can I follow along with the instructors and log everything I type in to the Windows gui thing. What's the python command or environment setting I have to do to make what I type in to the gui thing so it get's appended to my python logfile?

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    I am using PyCharm IDE and it is quite easy to use. Give it a try. I am novice with Python but pycharm is way to go. Community edition is free one.

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    I think Eclipse with PyDev is the best IDE option because Eclipse itself is very powerful tool. I also worked with It's really interesting browser solution. Now I'm more interested in academic freelance writing, but I remember the times I used to work for some commercial projects and coding in Python.
    Here is also the list of the IDEs, where you can choose what you prefer more


  • What flavor of "Windows GUI thing" are you using?

  • idle python, windows 10

  • PyCharm is useful especially to manage large projects. However, Pyzo is the simple Python editor and it is 100% free.

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