Is service provider Lab now available in Banglore, India??

Hey All, Link says Service Provider exam is available in Banglore. Is it right as earlier it wasn't there? Has anyone give exam over there? If this is true, this is kewl, I can save some bucks ( won't have to fly to HongKong) and buy addtional stuff.


  • Yes! Its available in bangalore. It started just couple of months back. I myself gave the exam in bangalore on july 30th. But it has only 1 seat per day and the dates are already full till February. If you keep checking everyday you might get something in Nov/dec if you are lucky.





  • Thanks for replyin...Yeah, It was opened in Feb... I just asked one of my friend and he said " its an old news pal, I knew it" looks like I was the only one who didn't know about it till now..

    I'm going to buy a Quad Q9650  today as my AMD dual turion has refused to load multiple 7200's and Ubuntu fell to death (crashed and not booting up now) ....Race againest machines continues..

    BTW I just read ur "I passed" story...Congratulations on ur digits...enjoy and keep going



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