BGP aggregate-address with advertise-map

I have a question about using "advertise-map" keyword in "aggregate-address" command in BGP.

while we do aggregation on a router and want to use "as-set" keywork, does the aggregator router

only copy the originator AS to AS_SET list or it copy the whole AS_PATH contents of the subnets 

to the AS_SET of the aggregate route?

for example suppose we have R1--R2--R3--R4--R5 routers in which each of them are member of a 

separate AS, respectively, AS10, AS20, AS30, AS40 and AS50. we have created a loopback on each 

router with these addresses and advertised them into BGP by "network" command on each router:


R1 loopback:

R2 loopback:

R3 loopback:

R4 loopback:

R5 loopback:


then we have used "aggregate-address summary-only as-set" command on R3.

now the question is about the AS_SET contents on the aggregated route ( on R5. will AS_SET include AS20?

please notice that the R3 doesn't consider network while producing aggregate address, but it does consider all other loopback addresses.


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