my lab experience

hi everyone,

i made my first attempt in R&S on 13rd in Brussels.

I stayed in  NH Hotel which I definitely recommend, very good price and they also have a hotel shuttle.

As far as the lab goes, without breaking the NDA I can say .. work environment ok, very quiet, friendly proctors. The Access to the routers and switches is being made at the speed of light and IOU/IOL is very stable.

You have access to DOCCD in the lab, however it is painful to search in the DOCCD because you cannot use tabbed browsing. You need to go back and forth.


TSHOOT pass, DIAG pass, CONFIG fail. Basically a day that started well but ended badly. 


TSHOOT was a nice one, enough said. DIAG is complicated but manageable (much info). INE is the best training for the purpose.


As INE points out, strategy and timing are critical. Please avoid borrowing the half an hour from CONFIG to finish the TSHOOT. The amount of tasks and the size of topology in CONFIG are overwhelming. Most of the tasks are interdependent. 

If you have not been to the lab yet - it is manageable as long as you can implement technologies at your typing speed. You do not have time to think, you need to act. If you have hesitations that take you 30 Minutes for a 2 point task - you will fail. If you do not intepret their wording - you will fail. It is not do difficult if you know the basics - obviously I need moe time to work on them.

According to the blueprint and lab guides, Layer 3 is 40% - just focus on doing it right.

For the security and for the "infrastructure features" part, please expect the most obscure featureas being tested and not necessarily 100% according to the blueprint. 

I will make a short break and then rethink my strategy for the second attempt.

For the DOCCD: I will surely focus on the technology guides, command references and configuration guides are not enough.

And something for sure - no more theory, just lab lab lab from now on.




  • Thats pretty good for attempt 1! TS is my weak area and I have always flew through config. As you hinted at grouping config based on site is key. Also use lots of copy/paste of config and you should nail it next time.

    Good luck dude!!

  • interesting - in his 2nd attempt (first at V5)- my coworker failed TS but passed Diag and Config - and he borrowed a half hour but just hit a bad streak in troubleshooting.

    I assume u have access to notepad during the exam and can cut and paste relevant config and repaste as needed after editing in notepad


  • yes you have Notepad, Windows calculator and DOCCD. It is basically a hardened version of Windows

  • Can you search within the open page in the browser (i.e. do a 'ctrl + f')?

  • Can you search within the open page in the browser (i.e. do a 'ctrl + f')?



    Yes you can use CTRL+F, but you still have to know how to navigate to the doc 

  • Good luck on second try!!!

  • Hi all

    Blogging/Foruming is addictive.

    I am now in the airport and pedaling to get some LAN ... Today i had my third and last attempt on R&S v5 in Bruxelles. Difficult, though some other candidates finished the lab much faster than me. I am not the best well... :) just striving.

    I do not know if I will pass, maybe yes at the limit maybe no, but I do not think anymore of it. I will stop now will all CCIE activities.

    Just wanted to say goodbye to you the candidates and succesful CCIEs that are making this world a better place. starting with tomorrow I will resume my life before the CCIE, with free time to enjoy. If I fail I do not believe I will go the 4th time. Sometimes it takes much courage just to stop and resume the life with no learning on evenings, weekends and vacations.

    I have learned many things and I am now a better Engineer. Many thanks to INE for their great work. Now I know and I master the technologies, although I am not always fast enough for Cisco. I can troubleshoot better in my job and I learned to dig deeper and to work harder.

    It is the CCIE mindset that I gained and the respect for the detailed and correct work. Brian and Dave have explained this so well in the INE materials and videos, so that I know now the technologies by heart and I finally understand them. 

    It has been a great time the last 3 years studying but now I will move on. All the best to you!


  • ...and you have now Chrome with tabbed browsing for DOCCD :) this helps indeed.


  • no, I failed :( pretty close

  • I think everyone here will agree that if you got pretty close on your third attempt, you should try again. You have never been closer to your goal. A failed exam is not the same as a failed journey to achieve your CCIE, which can only happen when you quit.

    3 years is a long time, but it is nothing compared to the rest of your life. Once you pass, even if takes another 3 years, it won't matter anymore. What will matter is that you achieved something that you will be proud of for the rest of your life.

  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    You have never been closer to your goal. A
    failed exam is not the same as a failed journey to achieve your CCIE,
    which can only happen when you quit...

    This. +1

    know the feeling of wanting to quit.  Several times through my journey,
    and after the 2nd fail.   I have a good friend who is much better than
    me with several of the technologies, and he has 4 attempts already --
    and he hasn't given up.

    Just remember this day, when you finally
    do pass.   When people ask about your CCIE, in my opinion, it is a
    badge-of-courage to tell them how many times you failed.  Your character
    is being tested.  This is why it is called a "journey".  ;-)

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