How to connect to CSR1000v on ESXi 5.1 remotely?

I have an ESXi server that I have my CSR1000v routers running on.  I use this setup at home to study, I want to access my server and eventually the CSR's while I'm away from home. 

There's some forums on here about serial connections and RDP but is there anything specific where I can just use SecureCRT and type in a FQDN or IP and access my routers?

Thanks in advance.




  • Personnally, I use a 2811 router as a terminal server.  It has an NM-32A module with octal cables that connect to my switches and from it, I can also telnet to my CSR1000V routers on their IP addresses.

    I simply make the terminal server directly accessible from the public internet and use SSH to connect to it.  Since I don't have a static IP on my home cable internet service, I have a domain name registered and have a little program running on an internal PC that updates DNS if my IP address ever changes.

    With this setup, I just use SecureCRT to SSH to:

    Then once logged into that, I created aliases to all my devices (physical switches via console cable and telnet for the CSRs) and you can access everything directly from the public internet.

  • Thank you, I'll give that a try.

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