ASR9K VPLS pop tag

Hi All,

just try to understand PW type 4 and type 5, with the following configuration below in ASR9K, the ASR will try to negociate Type 5 by default. will the ASR9K pop the VLAN tag 200(or 300) before forwarding a frame to PW? 

interface bundle-eth20.100  l2transport

encapsulation dot1q 200 , 300


bridge group 1

bridge-domain 1

interface bundle-eth20.100

vfi 1

neighbor pw-id 200


highly appreciate if anyone could clear my confusion?






  • Hi Con,

    The ASR9K is an EVC platform. In the config you have, the tags will NOT be popped automatically. On this type of platform, configuring Ethernet vs VLAN pseudowire type makes absolutely no difference in the way the packet is handled and both modes are supported for interoperability purposes with other platforms on which the PW type also defines the action on the tag.

    For a tag to be popped, swapped, or pushed, you have to use the rewrite command on the ASR9K. I believe, however, that you cannot use the rewrite command when multiple VLANs are matched on an AC due to ambiguity, please correct me if I am wrong.

    Note that the XR12K is not EVC-based so if you apply a similar config on an XR12K above, the tag will be popped automatically when running in Ethernet mode.


  • Thanks Pavel for your respnose. will test on IOS to see if it supports re-write with ambiguous matching.





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