Ethernet subinterface on CSR 1000v and Direct I/O (passthrough)

I used VMWare passthrough to connect a couple of CSR's via a 3750 stack and I can't get sub interfaces to route.  Regular interface config works fine.  I couldn't see any encap data when debugging on the switch.  If anyone has successfully been able to make it work I would love to know.

I know it wasn't the configs of the routers or switches that was the problem. 





  • You need to allow all VLAN's on your vSwitch.

  • You need to insure the vSwitch you are connecting your vNIC to is setup to pass the 802.1q tags.

    Go to the vSwitch properties,  set the VLAN ID = 4095  (which means all vlans).

    Once this is done,  your sub-interfaces (and tags) from the CSR will pass transperently through the ESX/vSwitch to what ever you have connected on the other side.



  • Is this still an issue?

    Using GNS3 and Virtualbox, I can get 2 CSRs talking to each other using GNS3's vEthernet Switch and an L2 IOU, but once I create trunked interfaces on the CSRs, all traffic stops. It is as if there is an issue with the CSRs themselves. Even when the CSRs are linked directly together, traffic does not pass if there are sub-interfaces. My normal GNS3 lab incl's a break-out switch and I've been using sub-interface ports with IOS and IOS-XR for a while now, just something amiss with the CSRs.

    I tried various combos of Ethernet adapters in Virtualbox but none seem to allow sub-interfaces to transmit traffic. In the INE Intro to JunOS video series, Brian is using the CSRs with sub-interfaces. So there has got to be a way to get the CSRs working. Regardless, I'm going to swap out the IOS-XEs with IOS routers to try and finish following a long in the Intro JunOS videos.


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