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I have got enough experience as a Network Engineer...but my concern is that if someone starts his career as a Network Engineer...and wants to do CCDE ...will it be worthy say after 10 years from now as SDN and so many things are coming which might automate every process maybe u just give your query and u will get a Network Design so all your efforts to be a CCDE can be worhtless ????? Pls explain in detail CCDE future worth


  • I'm not Brian and I don't have a CCDE but I don't mind chipping in :)


    I guess you could also ask the question "Should I bother taking my driving test today when we might all be flying hover cars in 10 years?"


    The fact is, on one, not even Brian, knows for sure what the networking industry will look like in 10 years. New technologies will come and go. That is how the world works. As an "expert" you should be able to adapt and learn as the industry moves on.


    In my view it's shortsighted to think of a CCIE and CCDE as the end goal. You should be thinking if I pass the CCDE today that is a great achievement. And next year if things change you will just need to reskill. Nothing lasts forever.


    Good luck with you studies.



  • peetypeety ✭✭✭

    Argh. Next time, use a subject line that reflects the nature of your question. Also, if you want the attention of <someone>, SEND AN EMAIL TO THAT <SOMEONE>, don't pollute the forums.

    Now, onto your question. Hopefully you will be less offended if others reply than you will be about my comments above. SDN might come a long, but there will be plenty of gear that won't adapt to it, and lots of other gear that's deployed into networks that can't (yet) afford to migrate to SDN. So...CCDE won't be worthless. Further, on the biggest of networks, SDN won't be able to solve it all, so there will need to be designers for a variety of tasks that do still matter.

  • hmm, lets get out the crystal ball and find out. [;)]

    First as a Network Engineer with limited experience, you are probably not aware that SDN has been around for serveral years now and still has not gotten used much.  From what I can tell it will mostly be used for making configuring new equipment in an existing network easier, or making network intelligence and automated processes more integrated into the network itself.  Do you have much experience with software programers, especially their knowledge of networking?  If not you will then forgive me (as well as programers who are the exception) for telling you that most software programers have little idea of how a network really works.  So, who will be giving the people who do the SDN programing information on how it should work!  The CCDE and CCIE certification holders who know how networks work.  The network will still need to be designed, modified, fixed and monitored.  Sure the tools might change and get better hopefully, but you still need someone to analyse and fix the stuff the SDN either can't handle or doesn't work correctly on.

    Also, keep in mind 10 years is forever in IT inovation, but the basics are still the basics and knowing them at an expert level is still valuable to an employer.  20 years ago Cisco would honestly tell you anything that might be available 3 years out is just a pipedream.  It might happen, but the details will look a lot different once it comes to market.  10 years ago if you told someone you would be needing 10 Gigabit to the Internet, most people would laugh at you.  We are now looking at having to have 40 Gigabit by next August, and this will have to be load balanced and redundant links for reliability.

    Get the point we are all trying to make!  Make your goals on what you want today, and be flexible to change as it is the one constant in the universe. :)



  • We are in 2018 and much is changed in the CCDE program. Ideally , you won't see only privilege in this certification and you will prepare and understand that a very deep level of abstraction is one of the main purposes of this certification program. In 2018 the CLI is still a common place to find and we do need a deeper level of understanding design-wise. You are asking in 10 years when robotics, AI and machine learning will not be as ridicolous as they are today. In 10 years, the level of understanding , from a design perspective , will be absolutely key to EVERYTHING we will do in our job. Maybe Cisco will rename the program or change it for better but well, i don't see how this certification can loose its value over the years.

    Back to nowadays, experience or not, there is a ton of engineers who do not apply design before running wilde CLI everywhere. We do need to bring the entire networking community to understand how to apply intelligence to our customers'/company's network.

    Hope this helps,

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