how to get rid of "%PLATFORM-ENVMON-2" on IOS-XR

I want to keep console logging ,  but want to suppress any messages that contain this string, any help is much appreciated.





  • jonbovjonbov ✭✭

    Try adding a discriminator to the logging:

    *Jun 10 19:54:52.727: %ENVMON-4-FAN_LOW_RPM: Fan 2 service recommended

    *Jun 10 19:55:22.727: %ENVMON-4-FAN_LOW_RPM: Fan 2 service recommended


    logging discriminator ENV severity drops 4 facility drops ENVMON mnemonics drops FAN_LOW_RPM

    logging console discriminator ENV

    logging monitor discriminator ENV

    logging buffered discriminator ENV

    logging host X.X.X.X discriminator ENV

  • Perfect,  thanks very much Jon.

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