How to get to Brussels from UK

I have recently returned from Brussles for my first attempt at the R&S lab. On this occassion I did not pass but gained some valuable experience on the testing experience and how to get ther etc.

If you are travelling from the UK and want to stay at the NH Airport Hotel (which I highly recommend you do) as it is only a few minutes walk to Cisco. I have made a short video diary of my journey.

Travelling from the UK you need to get the Eurostar from St Pancras International. If booked far enough in advance the ticket was £34.50 each way.

When purchasing your ticket make sure you add on the internal travel in Brussels option. This means you can then take an internal train from Midi to Diegem (You need to get the train heading for Louvain) after about 6 stops is Diegem (Journey takes about 20 minutes)

The NH Airport Hotel is literally across the road from the station.

I arrived the day before at 6pm and then was booked on the 7pm Eurostar back.

There was plenty of time after the exam to get to the station and be on the Eurostar.

There were also later trains but this would have impacted my journey later on.

Any questions about this just ask, as now from my perspective the least amount of things on  your mind you can focus on the lab.



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