Unity Connection 9.x or 7.x

Hi All,

This Scenario is concerning Unity Connection (7.x or 9.x) integration with CUCM (7.x or 9.x). 

This is what need to be accomplished;

Users would dial a Pilot number on Unity Connection, e.g 8001, and then Users will hear a greeting saying "Welcome, please enter # and the Extension of your Party to leave a Voicemail Message".

Then after a User enters e.g #5333 at the Prompt, the User is immediately directed to the Voicemail Box of intended party, bypassing transfer or ringing of the Desk Phone (Extension 5333), and going directly to the Voicemail of Extension 5333. With this Setup even Users outside the Office can Call the Pilot number from their Cell Phones into Unity Connection directly to leave a Voicemail for intended Parties without being Transferred to the intended Party's Desk Phone. 

Auto-Attendant is also Setup on Unity Connection so Unity Subscribers need to have their Transfer Rules transfer Auto-Attendant Callers to their Desk Phones. Auto-Attendant Calls must ring the Desk Phone and Ring No Answer Timer must expire before the Auto-Attendant Callers are redirected back to Unity Connection to leave a Voicemail.

Any ideas will greatly be appreciated.


I know how to use #XXXX on CUCM DN or CTI Route Point to directly forward Calls to Voicemail and that is not the Solution I am looking for in this Case and I am sure this won't even work for Users outside the office who are calling in from their Cell Phones.

In addition I also know we can use a Pilot number on a Unity Connection Call Handler, prompt for a Caller for an Extension, then transfers to the intended Party's Mailbox by Configuring Transfer Rules to go directly to User's Greetings, but the problem is that, Auto-Attendant Calls will also go directly to Voicemails if User Transfer Rules are setup this way, and that is not what is desired, so such a configuration will not support Auto-Attendant.



  • Hey Patmien,

    Can you please make a quick flowchart what you are looking for? I was going through your requirements but getting puzzled really.

  • Caller Dials 8001 ------> Unity Connection Call Handler Plays Greeting "Welcome, please enter # and Extension to leave a Message" ------> Caller enters e.g #5333 ------> Unity Connection Plays Extension 5333 Voicemail Greeting to Caller ------> Caller leaves Voicemail for Extension 5333 and hangup.



    Notice the Caller is directed to Extension 5333 Voicemail directly to leave a message after calling the Pilot number 8001. The Extension 5333 Transfer Rules in Unity Connection must not be changed from the default of Transfer Action = 5333, to Transfer Action = Greeting, because Auto-Attendant is also setup on Unity Connection. 

  • Patmien,

        I'm playing catch up on some old posts, so sorry this is delayed.  This is more of a thinking out loud rambling more than anything I tested, but what about his...


    from the Greeting of 8001, forward to a call handler called "# First" in a DIFFERENT partition, but reachable from 8001.

    Create a direct / forwarded dial rule in a partition accessible only from the new call handler "# First".

    "# First" has a CSS on it that has access back into the user base, but its rule forces it to transfer to greeting instead of ringing the phone.


    again, I haven't tested that...but in theory it should work.  If you do it, please let me know how it works.



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