Failed first RS LAB attempt in Brussels @2013.06.14


  • Sorry Gabor. Better luck next time. Did you take 10-day bootcamp?

  • Hi Daniel, 

    No I'm not. I only used Self-Study materials.

    i'm sure its great to be there, but I don't have the resource for it.

    Was it great?


  • Yes, it's great for sure. I met some nice guys from Hungary when I was there so that is why I was whondering if you had attended it.

  • Sorry Gabor to hear this but best of luck for next attempt!

  • Sorry bud, you'll get them next time!

  • Sorry to hear that Gabor!

    Wish you good luck on your next attempt! 

  • Thanks for the feedback on your experience.

    Similar to mine, I have no doubt that going to the lab and attempting it plays a huge role in developing a bulletproof plan to succeed. After being to the lab myself, I can really see where my strategy fell down but more importantly where I need to improve.


    Hopefully, you have a good understanding of what you need to do now to get you #.


    Good luck on your journey!

  • Hi Gabor, although I am late in reading your story but sorry to hear about your exam.

    Looks like you are on the right track now to achive the certification. Good Luck for your next attempt. Are you giving yourself one year for the next attempt?

  • Hi Mak, 

    Thanks. I already created a CCIE LAB (DELL PE2970, Ubuntu-Server, GNS3, VNC, Dynamips + 2x3560 + 2x3550). I will write about this solution on my blog soon:) ..until now it seems to be quite stable. 


    My next atempt should be around Feb 2014, but it depends how the study will go on.





  • This looks nice and good luck for your next attempt.

    I thought Dynamips at its own would be sufficient for the preparation but looking at your screen shot it seems as if we need to get physical routers as well? could you please clarify?



  • Hi Mak,

    This is only a screen capture. All the routers are Dynamips vRouters. Only the connection between them, is through 4 physical switches. (2x 3550 + 2x3560 ). Basicly I'm using the two 3560 LAB switch as breakout switch also.

    Check out this beta diagram:




  • OK thats cool. Thanks for that.

    I am actually planning to go with the Dynamips as well so i need to spend as minimum as possible on creating the lab. since you have a running topology could you advise please if getting these 4 switches is something necessary? is it possible to have dynamips switches as well instead of real ones?

  • It depends, how much time you have.

    You can't really practise the L2 part of the exam on Virtual labs right now. Also, if you don't use the proper topology, you shall adjust every study material constantly. So it is a good idea to build a lab, or rent labs.

    What you can do however, is to use IOU or Dynamips for the L3+ of the VOL 1. Workbook.

    Right now I think the best option is to use Dynamips + PHY switches :-)

  • Yea u are right xcke. L2 isnt possible on dynamips. I would start with the vol 1 wb and take it from there. I will see how it goes with getting the real stuff as money situation is tight. but no doubt having real equipment is second to none.

    thanks again for your posts and good work with your stuff.

  • You said: "3 months is simple not enough :-) At least, not for me."


    How many hours per day your study?

  • I think it really depends on your experience and your learning abilities flyner. People having sound experience and knowledge can do it within 3 months. But as it is said that doing a CCIE is a marathon so on the average I would say people take 12 to 18 months to take the number which is a lot of time. This equals around 2100 hours if you are studying 30-40 hours every week for 60 weeks (which is realy a marathon :) )

  • Well, honestly I don't really counted it, as I don't think it's relevant. I tried to allocate as much, as I could (Weekends, Work hours, After Work hours, etc.)

    One another thing, I don't believe in canceling social life because of a CCIE. Of course, you will have less time for it..


  • I think it all boils down to what your strategy is and how much time you plan on studying for it.

    You can give up your social life and study for 6 months all the blueprint, 8-12 hours a day (weekends). Or you can study 5-6 hours a day (without sacrifing your weekends) for 1 or 1.5 year and cover all the blueprint.

    Just my 2 cents...

  • I'm still thinking that it really depends on your experience when you start to study.

    Maybe if you study 4,5 hours workdays and weekends study 8 hours could be a good strategy....

    Actually, I'm doing this, studying  4,5 hours workdays, which is possible to complete the whole scenario from VOL2 and weekends I`ve got 8 hours to study and redo scenarios and tshoot section as well. 


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