Task 4.9 R3 Redistribute RIP->EIGRP

On R3 mutual redistribution between EIGRP and RIP is required. If I follow the SG the directly connected routes which participate in RIP will not show up on SW1 (prefixes and The are also not in the eigrp topology database.

In my point of view the task 4.3 is the problem: the loopback0 on R3 which got selectivly redistributed with a route-map from connected into EIGRP is the problem. It prevents directly connected RIP interfaces on R3 to get redistributed into EIGRP. If I remove the redistribted connected route-map under the eigrp process the RIP routes show up.


So in my point of view the route-map in task 4.3 need to get extended to:



route-map CONNECTED->EIGRP permit 10

 match interface Loopback0 FastEthernet0/1 Multilink35 Multilink34



Then the direcly connected routes which participate in RIP will show up in EIGRP AS 100.

Could somebody proof this and correct me if I am wrong?


Happy study






  • My solution on R3 is similar to the solution on R4. There the route-maps gets also extened with match interface looopback0 Ethernet0/0. 


    My question is: Why only Ethernet0/0? Is the Multilink to R3 from R4 not also required in the route-map in order to get redistributed into OSPF? It seems not but why?

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