Don't bother remembering things for the lab that are on the written?

My favorite part is when I'm watching one of these videos and it says don't bother remembering X because you can look it up.

But those are the type of questions that are on the CCIE written exam.


I'm not sure why the exam seems to have become more about memorization of items than actually understanding how or why things work.


It's very frustrating that the exam seems to have stepped away from grading based on skills in understanding and has defaulted to who can memorize the most. My job is not about memorizing, the smarted people I know look things up everyday.


  • Well said. 


    It is frustrating to make the written not more inline with the NA/NP. I found the NP track to _for the most part_ test some skill and less about memorization. 


    The IE written should include challenging questions to prove you know the in's and out's of the technology. If it truly the ticket to the lab - make it prove we know the technolgy, not that we can create flashcards. 

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