UCCX Editor - CiscoUnifiedCCXEditorInstall.exe

I am facing problem in opening the editor. I am trying to log on Anonymously but the editor disappears. I have tried the below steps but this has been not a solution. Please help.



1. Right click on the Editor icon on the Desktop and select Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab. Check the box for 'Run this program in compatibility mode' and choose 'Windows 2000' from the drop down. Click Apply and Ok.

2. Change the theme to "Windows Classic Style" - Right click on Desktop, select Properties. In the Appearance tab, select "Windows Classic Style" for Windows and Buttons. Click OK to change the setting.

3. If you still wish to use "Windows XP Style", you could change the style to " Windows Classic", re-launch the Editor and then change the style back to "Windows XP".

Remember I don't have access to the machine. I just want to make the script and send it to the customer so he may upload. Thanks


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