BB1 connection to BB3

The INE documents say that BB1 Serial 9 is supposed to connect to BB3 Serial 0 however the serial A/S card on the BB1/Frame Relay switch only has 8 ports and the only free one is serial 7. Should I just connect BB3 to S7 and edit the BB1 configuration file? Is this ok?


  • Hi Brian, 

    For my BB1 I used a NM-8AS for all of the Frame Relay connections. For the link to BB3 I used a Wic-1t in slot 0 for this connection. All you will have to do is rename the interfaces on the configs, other than that will be fine. 

    Once the configs are on the BB routers you wont really need to touch them again so its all good.

    Hope this helps.


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