9.1 system management. "prove it with the debugs" and, i missed the delta/absolute thing

..per the old link there is a question.   Do we need to use 'snmp-server enable traps' ?

..the old forum dont thinks so.. looks like the proof is in the debugs.. 

..MY BIGGEST THING IS.....**how** many times am i going to get the delta/absolute thing wrong...do i need to build flash cards with scenarious..


  SNMP packet debugging is on

Mar  3 11:33:11.525: %RMON-5-FALLINGTRAP: Falling trap is generated because the value of ifOutQLen.2 has fallen below the falling-threshold value 100
*Mar  3 11:33:11.541: SNMP: Queuing packet to
*Mar  3 11:33:11.541: SNMP: V1 Trap, ent rmon, addr, gentrap 6, spectrap 2
 alarmEntry.1.1 = 1
 alarmEntry.3.1 = ifOutQLen.2 << also i dont know why it renamed this ..(i typed it in as ifEntry.21.2..it renamed it in the actual config probabably no big deal
 alarmEntry.4.1 = 1
 alarmEntry.5.1 = 0
 alarmEntry.8.1 = 100
*Mar  3 11:33:11.793: SNMP: Packet sent via UDP to   <<<<<<<<packet sent to snmp-server...

...below link from old forum..


..below link from new forum about when to use absolute or delta..(by scott morris)



  • lol. Came here to post debugs, but it seems that you beet me to it.

    Yeah, the command is redundant. Enabling traps for ALL events of ALL subsystems is really unnecessary.

    Specifying snmp-serv host automatically enables traps for that host.

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