In IOS-XR what is the difference between metric-style wide Level 1 and metric-style wide.

router isis xyz
is-type level-1
metric-style wide Level 1



router isis xyz
is-type level-1
metric-style wide




  • Hey cciesp...

    Well I am not quite familiar with the IOS XR, as I dont have access to such components.

    Have you checked this? ->


    I think the difference is that the IOS will use the new style TLV only to level-1 neighbors. That what I would think of.





  • This documentation page has examples which answers your queries, give sometime on this:



  • You'll find that this is not something specific to IOS-XR.

    The IOS command allows you to enable metric-style wide for level-1-2 or you can specifically enable wide metrics for level-1 or level-2.

    The ISIS proces xyz is set to level-1 and as a result does not form any level-2 adjacencies. It accepts both level-1 and level-2 prefixes with wide metrics. You change this by explicitly stating which prefixes with wide metrics are accepted.

    R4#show clns protocol

    IS-IS Router: abc
      System Id: 0000.0000.0004.00  IS-Type: level-1
      Manual area address(es):
      Routing for area address(es):
      Interfaces supported by IS-IS:
            Ethernet1/3 - IP - IPv6 - IPv6
            Ethernet1/1 - IP - IPv6 - IPv6
            Ethernet1/0 - IP - IPv6 - IPv6
      Passive interface:
        static (on by default)
      Distance for L2 CLNS routes: 110
      RRR level: none
      Generate narrow metrics: level-2
      Accept narrow metrics:   level-2
      Generate wide metrics:   level-1
      Accept wide metrics:     level-1

    R4#show run | section ^router isis
    router isis abc
     mpls traffic-eng router-id Loopback0
     net 47.0019.0000.0000.0004.00
     is-type level-1
     metric-style wide level-1
     max-lsp-lifetime 65535
     lsp-refresh-interval 65000
     spf-interval 5 1 50
     prc-interval 5 1 50
     lsp-gen-interval level-1 5 1 50
     no hello padding
     passive-interface Loopback0

    R4#conf t
    Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
    R4(config)#router isis abc

    R4(config-router)#metric-style wide level-2
    R4#show clns protocol | include wide metrics
      Generate wide metrics:   level-2
      Accept wide metrics:     level-2

    R4(config-router)#no metric-style wide level-2
    R4(config-router)#metric-style wide
    R4#show clns protocol | include wide metrics
      Generate wide metrics:   level-1-2
      Accept wide metrics:     level-1-2


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