Ping issues using Dynamips Lab 1 Task 1.2

I am able to complete the task properly, but while following the solutions document, I am unable to ping several IP addresses.


The one thing in common is these are all access ports on Routers that transverse trunks to another router access port.


Can anyone provide any assistance? I've followed the solutions doc step-by-step to confirm that I am doing everything correctly.


  • So I figured out the problem. Vlan 33 didnt not exist on the routers. (sh vlan-switch). So I did a 'sh vtp status'. VTP was set in server mode, with an empty domain name, so VLANs were not propogating from the switches. I'm guessing due to the lack of trunks?

    Did I do something wrong in the VTP setup? I do not see this being referenced in the solutions document. I manually created the VLAN and all is well, but this was not mentioned in the solutions document either. I hope someone can explain.


    Also, it was quite frustrating to put these labs together. I downloaded the initial configs, only to find out BB1, BB2, BB3 and terminal server configs were not included. I later found these bundled with the .net file. Then I had to figure out which set of configs to use, only to figure out I had to piece them together from two places. It may be easier if you put all the configs in one location.

  • Well, i was actually able to only fix one of these.


    When I try to ping from SW1, it fails every time. My trunks are up, tranporting VLAN 107, and the ports on each side are access vlan 107. Any ideas?

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