MPLS Some Queries:

What is "tsr" as used in remote binding?

What is "tib entry" in MPLS LDP binding?


 let me know the full form of TSR and TIB.





  • These acronyms come from the old tag switching.

    Cisco created tag switching which is a proprietary protocol for switching packets based on labels instead of regular routing. The routers would run a protocol called Tag Distribution Protocol (TDP).

    I am not 100% sure but my guess is that TSR is Tag Switch Router which would be the equivalent of Label Switch Router (LSR) in MPLS terms.

    TIB should be the Tag Information Base which is the equivalent of the Label Information Base (LIB).

    Later tag switching was standardized and MPLS and LDP came from these standards. They are defined in RFC 3031 and 3036.

  • Thanks Daniel, I concur your statement.

    Merci Beacoup encore :)



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