Lab 2.22 IOS ezVPN Remote: NEM


I am having trouble with this lab, here are my configurations and debugging result on Client Router (R1):

ip access extended ACL_EZVPN_REMOTE
 per ip
crypto ipsec client ezvpn EZVPN_CLIENT
 mode network-plus
 connect acl ACL_EZVPN_REMOTE
 group EZVPN key CISCO
 xauth user mode interactive

I started pinging from CMD window in Test PC connected to VLAN11 (inside interface of R1). But it seemed that there's something wrong between R1 (Client Router) and R3 (Server Router). Thus there was not username/password prompt in R1's CLI.

*Mar  1 00:25:20.123: EZVPN: Checking Connect ACL
*Mar  1 00:25:20.127: EZVPN: Connect ACL triggered EZVPN_CLIENT
*Mar  1 00:25:20.127: EZVPN(EZVPN_CLIENT): Current State: CONNECT_REQUIRED
*Mar  1 00:25:20.131: EZVPN(EZVPN_CLIENT): Event: CONNECT
*Mar  1 00:25:20.131: EZVPN(EZVPN_CLIENT): ezvpn_connect_request
*Mar  1 00:25:20.131: EZVPN(EZVPN_CLIENT): Found valid peer
*Mar  1 00:25:20.131: EZVPN(EZVPN_CLIENT): Added PSK for address

*Mar  1 00:25:20.135: EzVPN(EZVPN_CLIENT): sleep jitter delay 1361
*Mar  1 00:25:21.499: EZVPN(EZVPN_CLIENT): New State: READY
*Mar  1 00:25:25.323: EZVPN: Checking Connect ACL
*Mar  1 00:25:25.323: EZVPN: Checking Block ACL
*Mar  1 00:25:25.327: EZVPN: Checking Connect ACL
*Mar  1 00:25:25.327: EZVPN: Checking Block ACL
*Mar  1 00:25:25.335: EZVPN: Checking Connect ACL

Can someone figure out why and help me? :(


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