Customer labels



When the PE learns the routes from the customer :


1- who assigns the labels for these routes ? ( which protocol )

2- what is the commnd to view those labels i.e. show mpls ldp binding will show you the LIB , how can we view the labels assigned for the customer routes ?






  • 1. BGP. To be more precise, Multi-Protocol BGP

    2. show ip bgp vpnv4 vrf X labels


    Remember that labels are only assigned if you redistribute PE-CE routing protocol into MPBGP. Only situation where this happens automatically is when you run ipv4 eBGP as a PE-CE routing protocol.

  • thx a lot :)


    do u happen to have it documented somewhere ?


    Are they assigned and propagated by MP-BGP  ? or assigned by LDP and propagated by MP-BGP ?

  • assigned and propagated by MP-BGP. LDP assigns labels for routes from IGP protocols (with few exceptions/additions).

    I suggest you read some very basic "how IP-VPNs work" guide. Such should cover this.

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