CCIE Written CoD Perspective

I took the written again today and passed by the hair on my ballsack.  I felt 100% better about this pass though.  I did pass the written back in 3/07 but I used resources that I should never have used, pushed by my old employer =)  Honestly, I had no business taking the written back then but I still passed it.  In the 3+ year time span since I have taken the lab exam twice but failed both times, last attempt was last Sept before the switch to newest iteration of the exam.  I am gearing up for the next go around in Nov. but am still nervous about tshooting.

My input here is just to add some info or maybe help someone looking to pass the written before moving on to the lab.  This part of the process seems to be forgotten.  I did feel that I was ready to take the written again, especially after my experience with configurations over my work and studies journey.  I know it is just the written and I'm doubting myself but there is some validation to knowing the breadth of topics well.  There are so many things to cover in this exam I don't think that a CoD can really do it justice.  The INE CoD is nice I believe you can only use it as a quick refresher or to make an outline on a study path but if you utilize this as your only resource you will be just wasting $350. 

Other resource I relied heavily on, in order of importance:

- Cisco Press Written Study Guide

- Boson Exam Sim - embedded links to the docs and explanations are key to proving you know the technology.

- INE labs Vol 1

- Written CoD

Overall,  I was disappointed with about 10% of the questions.  I even made some comments which I have never done before.  I swear there were at least 3 questions that did not have a correct answer but again maybe I just don't know what i'm doing.  And it's funny how questions just keep coming on topics that you kind of breeze over, as is always the case.  I was fully prepared for BGP and Mcast but QoS just killed me on this exam.  Maybe the CCIP course with INE will be a benefit for truly exanding my knowledge of this topic.

If I can provide any help or direction for people that really want to take the exam and pass the right way, the exam is no joke.  Just do yourself a favor and don't take the easy way out of this part in the process to just focus on the lab.   My next steps, starting tomorrow, on to finish Vol1 QoS and then starting again on to lab1 vol 2.

I started my CCIE journey back in 2006 and have been half assing it ever since but will attempt to finish it up by years end. 



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