CCDA Passed - With Little exam review

I am happy to share that I passed my CCDA exam today. I used the following material along with my my 6 years of Exp in hands.


1. CCDA Self Study Guide - Cisco Press

2. INE CCNP CODs - Old Ver

3. CCDA Quick Ref Sheet -  Cisco Press

4. Some ref documents from Cisco Design Zone - Cisco Website


5. Cisco Safe Reference Guide - Cisco Website



Apart from this I would like to mention that there were Two Questions in exam where there were major mistakes. One question was regarding summarization and other was regarding Choosing right Routing protocol for a design.


I have commented on both questions and expecting Cisco to fix it soon.


Next challenge....hmmm....CCDP ARCH in next 2-3 weeks  :-)



Deepak Arora




  • This is awesome news! Congrats!

    We are excited to be adding CCDA to our bootcamp lineup next week, and we are considering the other courses of the full track.

  • Congrats Man 



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