13.43-44 SLB


As far as I can tell from the software advisor, it seems that this feature is NOT supported on any platform in the R&S exam (1800s, 2800s, 3800s, 3560s). Does anyone have any leads on this?



  • I agree, I am running 12.4(24)T on GNS and checked software advisor. Its not available.

  • same here.  what the heck?!  INE has not even replied to any of these comments again.  typical...  i'm totally frustrated.  the first post was up for over 6 months and no reply.  ine just gave up on providing support for their products.  that's why i will not buy the voice product.  instructors are smart and the classes i imagine are great but no support for their products.

  • I thought this thread made it clear that this is a holdover in Volume 1 from the 3550. 

    I will have our Tech Edit Team investigate and delete if this is indeed the case. 

  • OK - just checked the latest Volume 1 and Server Load Balancing is demonstrated using various router models. 

    I am not sure what the issue here is for the original poster. I guess that is why this was ignored. 

    I personally think that SLB is VERY unlikely for the exam, but we always tend to err on the side of caution in that regard. 

  • huh?!  where did it say that it was a holdover from the 3550?  and if it is, why is it in the 12.4 doc cd?  how did i miss that it was a holdover?

    but thank you for replhing to the question.  it's so rare when I get a reply from the staff it feels REALLY GOOD to get one.  thanks.  :)

  • I was drunk when I wrote that holdover comment  [;)]

    We are always looking at ways to bolster forum support, but it is very very difficult with the volume of posts and the complexity of the posts. The R&S instructor main focus has been improving the WBs right now. This leads to fewer posts that are the result of WB errors. 

    Regarding this thread - as I said, SLB was included in V1 just in case. I would NOT priortize it in my studies of Services.

    Here is what I would prioritize:



    IP SLA







    Regarding your comment about Voice at INE - ironically, the Voice product support right now is our strongest area thanks to Mark Snow, Petr L, and Josh F. Check out those forums and you will see what I mean. No query go unanswered! 

  • Hi Anthony,

    What would you prioritize when study for System Management?


  • The line is blurry between what we consider Network Services and System Management. This is because the Expanded Blueprint never explicitely tells us to study System Management. They fall under Optimizing the Network. Anyway - here is what is currently on my expanded blueprint (found on blog.ine.com) regarding "System Management".

    10.01    Implement syslog and local logging
    10.02    Implement IP Service Level Agreement SLA
    10.03    Implement NetFlow
    10.04    Implement SPAN, RSPAN, and router IP traffic export (RITE)

    (a) SPAN

    (b) RSPAN

    (c) Router IP Traffic Export

    (1) Configure IP Traffic Export

    (2) Configure IP Traffic Capture

    (3) Filter with ACLs

    (4) Filter with Sampling

    (5) Capture Bidirectional Traffic

    10.05    Implement Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

    (a) Version 2

    (b) Version 3

    10.06    Implement Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager (EEM)
    10.07    Implement Remote Monitoring (RMON)
    10.08    Implement FTP
    10.09    Implement TFTP
    10.10    Implement TFTP server on router
    10.11    Implement Secure Copy Protocol (SCP)
    10.12    Implement HTTP and   HTTPS
    10.13    Implement Telnet

    (a) Access-Class

    (b) Session Lmits

    (c) Busy, Vacant, Refuse, and Custom Messaging

    (d) Onscreen Message Suppression

    (e) Hiding Telnet Addresses

    (f) Login Enhancements

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    Back when Anthony was with INE , i heard baout it.

    If you need me, @Bugazia Me, and i'll be there .

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