MPLS-TE with QoS (DS-TE)


I am wanting to run QoS over my MPLS-TE network configuration. I have 2 TE tunnels, Tunnel0 = shorter path and Tunnel1 = longer path. I have 2 customer VRFs configured on the 2 PE routers and a 3 router core network. I want the PE's to seperate QoS higher priority traffic to go over the tunnel0 (shorter) and the rest to go over Tunnel1(longer). Is this possible?


  • Hi

    Yes you can do it with CBTS using the command tunnel mpls traffic-eng exp under the tunnel interface, but that command is only available with some 12.0 release and may be 12.4 and not with the one available for the Lab

    I also tried using policy base routing, but not getting what you want especialy if you re using VRF and MP-BGP

    Hope it will help u

  • Thanks mate, funny thing is I found a doc on this on Cisco's website and reading through it now :)

    Its my own lab with Dynamips, so its been heaps of fun! :)
  • The only IOS that allows this command is 12.2SR (7600). I only have 7200s in my lab! Oh well! The idea was there! :)
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