OSPF Issues

Hi guys....I decided to venture outside the square a little and tried configuring OSPF between a Cisco 877 and a Cisco ASA 5510. Initially this worked fine, until I had to power down one of the devices.

On reload I can only get to the EXSTART phase of neighbourship. Hello and Dead timers are stanbdard 10 and 40 on both devices. Area 0 is a common area, no auth configured etc.

I have read that MTU can cause some issues so I have tried 2 options here....ip mtu-ignore on both ends of the equation, and also hard coding MTU to 1460, on both devices.

Still no joy.....anyone had similar issues? I am thinking...highly unlikely, but you don't get if you don't ask? ;)



  • deanodeano ✭✭


    access-list on ASA, and incorrect NAT meant Asymmetric routing was happening, and no OSPF traffic hitting the router on the other end of the connection!

    Lovely way to spend a Sunday

    Thanks anyway :)



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