can't run two dynamips servers on Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

I have been using dynamips for over a year on Windows XP and then Vista--with 2 and even 3 servers (7200, 7201, 7202). I can only get one server to execute on Windows 7,  The 2nd one (somoetimes it is 7200 and other times it is 7201) just puts out a message box stating that dynamips.exe has stopped working. I do get a message in the Action Center stating that Cygwin stopped working. Is there a new cygwin1.dll required for Windows 7? If anybody out there is running Windows 7, please let me know how you have been able to run multiple dynamip servers.


  • Guys,

    I too am having problems with Dynamips/Dynagen on Windows 7 (64-Bit).
    I watched Brian's Video about Dynamips, but I think it needs to be updated?? Win 7 installs to Program Files (x86) and not Program Files.
    Win 7 Security seems to prevent the INE Zip File from Installing Files into the relevant folders, if you change a file it won't let you save either!??

    I notice that the Dynamips Workbook is now available in my account, so I would love to have this working.
    If anyone has any details that would be great!?



  • I have dynamips/dynagen on windows 7 64-bit professional. I got file working. I used the old FAT 8.3 syntax to point dynagen to the correct IOS, working, and config folders (ex. program files (x86) = progra~1). I cant remember exactly what I did to get around the security, but I think all you do is open it with an admin user account with a text editor (I use editpad) and then press the save button instead of the save as button. BTW I edited the dynamips-start.cmd file as well:

    set dynamips=%CD%dynamips.exe
    cd %TEMP%
    start /belownormal "Dynamips"  cmd /c ""%dynamips%" -H 7200 & pause"
    start /belownormal "Dynamips"  cmd /c ""%dynamips%" -H 7201 & pause"

    BTW I am not using GNS3. I am working with the command line instead. I used GNS3 on a XP pro machine, but it just seemed flaky IMO. I also use dynamips/dynagen on Kubuntu 8.04 32 bit, Ubuntu 9.04 32 bit (using the debian packages), and Kubuntu 9.10 64 bit.

    P.S. Instead of using the 8.3 naming convention you can try to rename all the directories so they are 8 characters or shorter. I.E. D:IOS, D:IEEXPERTCONFIG, D:IEXPERTWORKING in your .net file.

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