MPLS Diagrams

What diagrams are we suppose to be using for this section? I don't see any under the members section for MPLS. Like for sections 14.6 and 14.7 how are we determining which routers are the PE and CE routers.


Thanks Rich


  • Hey Rich,

    There are no diagrams that I know of associated with many of these new workbooks.  You have the Logical Diagram of the entire network and using that I think the plan is for us to generate our own drawings, in that we are now expected to do so on the exam (that's my understanding at least).  Regarding the PE's and CE's if I remember correctly you built the provider side of things in the first set of labs (14.1 - 14.5), and those devices should have included R5, R4, and R6.  During the next series of labs you will work with SW1 and SW2 as CE devices connected to R6 and R5 respectively.  You will be required to run various routing protocols between these CE and PE devices and you will work with ensuring different metrics or attributes are protected and passed between CE devices.

    I personnally have major issues focusing on technologies without drawings, so I was BUMMED when I learned we have to create our own.  But after a few weeks of working with these labs (MPLS and others) I have found that I actually visualize the network scenarios in my head far better than I did with diagrams provided.  Drawing the topology has also made it easier for me to remember configs, and with all the practice I have gotten much faster at creating my own (something I expect will help on exam day).



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