EEM action mail : but the smtp server need AUTH LOGIN

event manager applet ciscoemailEEM
 event none
 action 1.0 mail
server x.x.x.x
to ""
from ""
cc ""
subject "EEM email"
body "can you receive"


R1#event manager run ciscoemailEEM

*Jan 17 16:35:17.623: smtp_read 220 Anti-spam GT for Coremail

System (16

*Jan 17 16:35:17.623: smtp_write HELO R1.R1

*Jan 17 16:35:17.635: smtp_read 250 OK

*Jan 17 16:35:17.635: smtp_write MAIL FROM:<>

*Jan 17 16:35:17.651: smtp_read 553 authentication is

Gy1JLABu3AA--.35568S2 1263717318

----------------------------------how to solve this ?

It seems the cisco IOS for "action mail " dont  insert the "AUTH LOGIN" which let you to type in your username/password .

It directly insert "MAIL FROM" after "HELO",but the email server I used need  authentication.





  • Copy fram command reference:

    Use the action mail command when an event occurs about which you want to send an e-mail message, such as informing an administrator about the event.

    In EEM 3.0 for Cisco IOS Release 12.4(22)T, the server-address argument includes an optional username and password along with the fully qualified domain name of the e-mail server to be used to forward the e-mail. The e-mail server name can be in any one of the following template formats:





    So with the release shown this should be possible


  • o~ thank you very much .


    I will try it with the new IOS.


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