is there any feedback of sp oeq?


  • No jet on few hours i think you see feedback

  • Ramses, you are really freaked out about these OEQs aren't you?  [:D]  I see all your posts asking about them. 

    Don't worry about them.  They are what they are.  All you can do is prepare.  Read, read, read.  I feel boning back up on the theory will help me with the lab and OEQs both.



  • From: swap m <[email protected]>
    Date: Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 1:43 AM
    Subject: Failed CCIE SP lab and OEQ mystery feedback!
    To: Cisco certification <[email protected]>
    Cc: swap m <[email protected]>

    time for feedback..i'll keep everything under the NDA.. -

    i got screwed on 2 things -


    1. OEQs!! 

    2. oblivious miscalculation of time and the great proctor

    oeqs were too much was too ambigious, there cant be a correct answer for tht without more clarification. the proctor had no clue, he is anyway not supposed to assist in the oeqs. another oeq isnt a thing to be found in books, atleast not in the 5-6 books i have read on tht topic. after srching more, i found a reference in the RFC with no reasoning. i'll hv to test and do an analysis on it some time later once i chill down.
    only one oeq was directly technically related to the lab configuration, rest all were purely theory which have nothing to do with configuration.

    now the lab..
    the cisco ccie webpage says lab timing 815am to 545 pm....i never bothered to count the hours for this range..this totals as 9.5 hrs..always had an illusion tht its 8.5hrs including the lunch...a silly mirage..the exam started late, so i added the late hours thinking the lab will be over around 645pm..infact the others doing the lab did the same miscalculation and we had a cogent discussion on this thing in the lunch time!

    lab was pretty difficult comparing it to any of the vendor mocklabs..atleast an 8.5 to 9 on IEWB scale.. too much stuff in the lab but i was very well prepared to beat it. the difficult part mostly went smooth other than basic issues. my lab was over in total 5.5hrs  (including the oeq time) with 5-points in one subsection not wrking. i kept doing all my RnD/doc cd/multiple restarts etc. no help. i left it after trying for around 1.5 hrs. silly me still thinking tht i have 2 hrs left while in reality i had only 1 hr left...did the reverification very slowly, kept correcting..and moving forward..found many basic missouts, corrected, and all was wrking flawless, word-by-word as per the instructions..2 sections were left to be verified when the proctor came for a final stop..i still thought i have atleast an hour left! ...he simply closed all the my console sessions without letting me even do the write mem! i asked for a minute to just do wr mem but the answer was a blunt no. fair on his part, foolish on mine.

    game over.

    bad score in oeq, and an ok score in the lab. i dont even remember at wht stage i saved the config on which device. relating the scores to the configuration save, i missed out some of the late config changes for which i lost point the labs. i'm sure now tht SP rack is reloaded before grading, atleast for me it ws done tht way. 

    learning of the day - i covered a hell lot of stuff for the OEQs but it fell short in the end..and honestly i dont see much improvement in future attempts for oeq preparation..after one stage, u feel comfortable with theory but a lot of luck is needed especially for the ambiguous ones....the intent of oeqs shud be configuration related as the ccie-written is already focusing on theory but unfortunately tht's not the case.....for the lab part, my current level was pretty much sufficient for clearing the lab, hope i can maintain the same standard for the next attempt...

    thanks for the wonderful group...together we win


    big best of luck to everyone gng for the lab and the awful oeqs.






  • I feel your pain!  I failed the OEQs and passed the lab portion on Monday.  The questions you get are just plain luck.

    I feel Cisco missed the mark on this one.  This is not the way to do it.  Put the person in front of a couple of proctors and have them 'interview' the person.

  • You need a lot of luck to clear OEQ i think 

    you need to be in right state for answering the question and as per the proctors point of view who will check it. from your prospect it might be right but form proctors point of view you might be missing something.............

    OEQ is just like gambling in vegas....................[:)]

     imp : just my view............

  • Someone at work yesterday brought up a good point to me.....

    Companies get discounts based on how many CCIEs they have on staff.  Cisco is making the lab exam such that less people pass purely based on randomness - not skill.  Is this a conflict of interests?  is this racketeering?  Doubtful, but it can start looking a little shady.

    Cisco may be getting rid of more cheaters right now, but what about those of us that are not cheating and are just subject to chance of which OEQs we get?  Cisco needs to rethink this strategy.  In my feedback to them, I suggested they put the candidate in front of a board of proctors (or whomever) to 'interview' the candidate.  4 random questions is just not the way, in my opinion.

    Regarding the cheaters, the OEQs will only prevent cheating for a finite amount of time.

    The big question is do we keep spending $2000+ USD (after travel costs) for a random set of 4 questions?  When does enough become enough?

  • I like your conspiracy theory ;-)

    Dude, first off, really sorry to hear about your lab attempt.  Dont worry, the bitterness will wear off, your inner geek will compell you to study and lab up various scenarios, and then when the time is right for you, go back and show them you are an internetwork expert, again :-)

    One thing i have noticed with Cisco in the past is that when ever they make changes to a lab, it usually takes 1-2 months to work the bugs out.  This has me a bit freaked out since my sp lab is scheduled in just a few weeks.  Either way, in my opinion, written questions, open ended or not, do not belong on a practical exam.  The whole point of the lab is to prove that you implement, configure, debug and troubleshoot the technologies in a high pressure situation, and that your indepth understanding of the technologies and how they work will allow you to configure 80% or more of the requirements given to you.  This adding of the OEQ's in my opinion is just WRONG.  I think the real problem is that the first portion of the CCIE exam, the written exam, is poorly secured and executed.  Cisco has taken some serious steps over the past few years to correct this, but i think they are still having a serious problem with cheating on these tests.  So their solution?  Add it to the lab, where it can be secured by Cisco.  So totally not the right answer.  There are better ways, but unfortunately, we have to live with the OEQ's for the time being.


  • One thing i have noticed with Cisco in the past is that when ever they make changes to a lab, it usually takes 1-2 months to work the bugs out. 


    Agreed.  That's why I'm not in a hurry to get a lab again soon.  I may just stick with my July date and not worry about trying to find something earlier.

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