Lab 4 - Section 4.10 Redistributing RIP->OSPF

If you are redistributing rip on R4 into OSPF then shouldn't area 2 become a nssa? If so, how come that isn't shown in the solutions guide.


  • never mind. too tired, missing ospf 101.
  • I've noticed following hidden issue on BB3 - when R4 redistributes OSPF to RIP, it also redistributes newly-created summaries. I guess that BB3 admin won't be happy and had filtered out 'em with route-map while perfoming redistribution on R4's RIP.

    also I think shorter configs are easier to troubleshoot and do red in the following way:

    hostname Rack1R4
    router ospf 1
    redistribute rip [b]metric-type 1[/b] subnets route-map RED
    access-list 1 permit
    route-map RED permit 10
    match ip address 1
    set metric 100
    set metric-type type-2
    route-map RED permit 20
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