MLS QOS 1.8 and 1.9

Do I need to enable globally mls qos in order to add the configuration lines for: mls qos map ip-prec-dscp and interface command mls qos trus ip-precedence?


  • Defaults
    QoS is disabled. There is no concept of trusted or untrusted ports because the packets are not modified. Traffic is switched in pass-through mode.

    When QoS is enabled with the "mls qos" global configuration command, the default port trust state on all ports is untrusted.

    Usage Guidelines
    QoS must be globally enabled to use QoS classification, policing, mark down or drop, queueing, and traffic shaping features. You can create a policy-map and attach it to a port before entering the mls qos command. However, until you enter the "mls qos" command, QoS processing is disabled.
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