Task 5.3 - RPF Failure


I am working on Task 5.3 and I am experiencing what I believe to RPF failure once R3 switches to a source tree.

R3's perspective:

(,, 00:00:45/00:02:22, flags: LJT
Incoming interface: Serial1/0.2, RPF nbr
Outgoing interface list:
FastEthernet0/0, Forward/Sparse, 00:00:45/00:03:06

R3#sh ip route
Routing entry for
Known via "ospf 1", distance 110, metric 65, type inter area
Redistributing via rip
Advertised by rip metric 1
Last update from on Serial1/0.2, 00:33:15 ago
Routing Descriptor Blocks:
*, from, 00:33:15 ago, via Serial1/0.2
Route metric is 65, traffic share count is 1

As you can see, the receiving neighbor for multicast traffic does not match the next-hop for the return traffic, thus dropping. I could switch this to OSPF p-t-mp on the hub, but that was explicitly stated not to happen in a previous task.

Does anyone else have a solution -- did you encounter this?



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