3.17 Periodic, Holddown, & Loss Values

Are the Periodic, Holdown, & Loss values correct in the Solution Guide?

  • I came up with 'periodic 90' for 'Ensure for periodic re-optimization occurring every minimal time interval'
  • And I came up with 'holddown 600' for 'After an OOP event, the traffic class should stick to the new exit for no less than 10 minutes.'
  • And I came up with 'loss relative 30' for 'Any acceptable exit point should have relative loss of no higher than 3%'

Am I right, or do can someone explain my flawed logic?





  • I think you're right, I just worked through these and quite a few solution details don't match the requirements.  Although for the periodic timer, 180 is the minimum I have on 12.4.(9)T7


    r2(config-oer-mc)#periodic ?
      <180-7200>  Specify periodic rotation timer value (secs)


    There's a few more simple mistake but overall I really liked the OER write up, nice lab.

  • Hi I also had issues with the Holddown value in the solution. I put 600 to match the 10 min requirement. But I didn't get the 30 relative loss pct. I just put the 3% as stated in the original requirement althought the solution says 25%. How did you derive this value?

    the periodic I set to the minimum possible for my version 12.4(3g) to 180 it is also the minimum in the documentation 12.4T:


    the backoff timer is set to 90 in the command outputs in the solution, but this is not configured in any example throughout the lab and the default value is 300... go figure.

    Checked with a 12.4(15)T version and the minimum value is 90 and not 180 as stated before.



  • To get the 30 value, you have to take 3% of 1000.

    See CLI:

    Rack8R5(config-oer-mc)#loss relative ?
      <1-1000>  short/long term in percentage. e.g. 125 is short/long = 1.25


    The range can be a value from 1-1000, so you take 3% relative to 1000, which is 30.

  • You are correct. Cisco is totally inconsistent in what CCO says and what CLI help offers.

    As per document at


    - maxim value 1000 = 100%

    - then 3% = 30

    As a contratry to this is CLI hint which says

    Rack1R5(config-oer-mc)#loss relative ?
      <1-1000>  short/long term in percentage. e.g. 125 is short/long = 1.25

    Based on the logic from CCO 125 would be 12.5% as default value is 100 (10%). If 1.25 is just a ration this hint is totally misleading.



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