CCIE R&S CoD Experiences.

So, I'm working on getting the CCIE R&S Written out of the way by the end of March and I need some input from others that have used the CCIE R&S Written CoD as a resource. What is your impression of it?


Also for the creators of the CoD what if any supplimental reading materials come with it? Any indepth materials that go along with the CoD would be great!!!






  • I have only heard of one student that failed after the bootcamp. The =
    issue the student had was that they did not practice for the time crunch =
    of the actual test, and they did not finish on their first attempt.

    The new version of the exam does seem much shorter, so there should be =
    no issues there.

    Here are links you can enjoy for more information on any topics you are =
    struggling with:


    Here is a review I did of the new exam:


  • Anthony,


    Thanks for the quick response I figured you would be taking it easy today! Considering it's the day after Christmas and Saturday at that[:D]!!! Thank you for the input, I have went ahead and purchased it and I"m ready to go!!!!!


    Looking to get through this part of the journey in the next 3 months. Gotta brush the cobwebs off all this knowledge stored in the back room ;-). Hopefully your CoD is going to do the trick!!!


    Happy Hollidays!




    In about sept of last year I was in your shoes...passed the CCNP and ready for the CCIE written.  I used the INE written bootcamp - listend to it about 3 or 4 times and went through the test questions 2 or 3 times....I passed the written in October.  I did read some extra on multicasting, IPv6...I think all was there but was nice to hear or read about from a different angle...not better...just different.

    Once you pass the written I would recommend the Class on Demand...excellent material...listening to it for the 2nd time...amazing what you miss the first time - at least me.


    Good luck.

  • Starting next week - I begin adding more videos to the CCIE Written BC!



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