ver3, Vol2 Lab 1 task 4.2 - Call routing

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Lab 1 


Call routing:


4.2    called 911 test => calling
party should be displayed as subscriber calling plan,  changes from router pattern & translation
pattern is not effective.  What am i missing ?  I am looking at the ISDN debugs going out of SIP gw at BR1,  Irrespective of what ever configuration at CUCM calling number plan & type, I get the same result as National & ISDN  for calling type.

How to restrict callerid on the HQ  MGCP GW for International calls only ? For
SIP GWs we have command “clid strip” 
under the international dial-peer.

All Incoming calls from the PSTN should appear
in the called parties Missed/Received calls directory as +XXXXXXXX.   

          What is the CUCM setting i should enable for this ?  Does this happen by default if the incoming calling has a + sign ? or does this depend on the incoming calling plan setting on the Device/Trunks ?



5.1    Ensure this restriction applies to PSTN calls redirected from an On-site gateway to an offsite location ?     What is the meaning of this sentence.  Gateways are already configured in HQ, BR and the respective locations and Device Pools (regions).   Does this question say call coming in HQ GW to CUCM & go out to BR1 GW  something like that ?


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