Task 6.1 qos - frame relay traffic shaping

should R1 frame-relay class apply to each DLCI instead of the serial interface? The question asking for each circuit provisioned 128k, and

there are two circuit on R1.

frame-relay interface-dlci 104

  class D104
 frame-relay interface-dlci 105

  class D105

(the solution guide shown apply to the serial interface).



  • Hello, i am surprised too, i did like this :



    class-map match-all DCLI_104

     match fr-dlci 104

    class-map match-all DCLI_105

     match fr-dlci 105



    policy-map SHAPE

     class DCLI_104

      shape average 128000

     class DCLI_105

      shape average 128000

     class class-default


    Then applied the service-policy on S0/0 of R1.

  • Both the solutions are correct because there is just single PVC present in the scenario. However to make sure that no other pvc (if present) is shaped, match the fr-dlci in class map and apply the policy on that class.

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