Just A Typo? - Task 1.2

Hey all,

I see in task 1.2 I see they have us assigning VLAN43 to SW1 Fa0/24. That's the VLAN for R4 and BB3, which really only needs to be on SW3 and SW4. Since I run all nine-port switches in my lab, I don't have that extra to spare. Can't see where that's significant in any of the other tasks (read the entire lab and I don't remember VL43 being mentioned on SW1).

So, just a typo?




  • From what I can tell, VLAN 43 needs to be setup for BB1 to BB3 (on SW4 not SW3) for communication on the backend network.

    When you get to the BGP portion, the 28 networks won't be seen. Since there is peering being configured between BB1 and BB3, they won't be neighbors, since they are not in the same VLAN.

    When they are in the same VLAN, the 28 networks be learned by BB1 and then learned by R6 into AS100 to the lab network.

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