Vol1 2.21 Verification Error

I worked through task 2.21 without any problems but the verification didn't work properly.  The verification says to call from PSTN to 3123012001.  This is what was happening..

Calls from PSTN to 3123011010 worked as expected.

Calls from PSTN to 3123012001 fail with the CM treatment message heard on the PSTN phone 'Your call cannot be completed as dialed'

I backtracked and realized the following..

In the previous task 2.16 (Partitions) we had to assign 2001 to PT_INTERNAL.  In task 2.17 (CSS) we are asked to assign PT_INTERAL to CSS_HQ_STANDARD and CSS_HQ_PREMIUM.  We also assign only PT_SITE2SITE to CSS_BR1.

The configuration steps for task 2.21 indicate we should assign the H323 gateway to CSS_BR1.  2001 (PT_INTERNAL) is not part of CSS_BR1 which is why PSTN > 2001 fails.  Assigning 2001 to a PT that is part of CSS_BR1 will allow calls from the PSTN to ring 2001.

There is also a typo in the csim start command.  13123032001 should read 13123012001


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