Vol.1 2.16 Partitions

After completing the task I cannot make it through the verification step.  For example, 1001 cannot call 2001 and vice cersa.  The second I go off hook and dial the first digit I am presented with the treatment message 'Your call cannot be completed as dialed'. 


Ph1 = 1001 (internal)

Ph2 = 1002 (restricted), 1010 (internal)

Ph3 = 1003 (internal)



Ph1 = 2001 (internal)

Ph2 = 2002 (internal)



  • Random question: Can 1001 call 1003? 2001 <-> 2002?


    Can  you check Route Plan report to see if there are any unassigned DNs of 1001,2001 maybe from another task/lab session?

  • this may be another error in the solutions guide......i'd be interested to see if this works right with the proper CSSes.............

  • After completing the next lab 2.17 I can get 1001 to call 1003 and 1010 (and the other way around too).  2001 cannot call any 1xxx extension. 2010 (br1ph2 line 2) cannot call any 1xxx or 2xxx (such as br1ph2 2002) extension.  

    I'm going to dissect the task configuration now. 

  • Sounds about right.

    BR1 Ph1 has a CSS of  CSS_BR1 which only has the Site2Site partition in it...meaning it can only call lines in the Site2Site partition. Nothing else.


    HQ Phone 2 is in has the CSS_Premium which contains the Site2Site partition, so HQ Phone 2 should be able to call any line in the Site2Site partition.


    Hq Phone 1 has the HQ_Standard CSS which only has the Internal partition inside, which means it can only call lines in the internal partition.



  • Ok, I got it all squared away now. I don't think it is possible to verify task 2.16 without completing 2.17. 





    Br1Ph1 2001 PT_INTERNAL, 2010 PT_SITE2SITE, CSS_BR1

    Br2Ph2 2002 PT_INTERNAL, CSS_BR1


    Everything works as expected. [Y]

  • You are correct, all around....as I mentioned, that may be an error in the solutions guide.


    Had you tested calls before you placed the partitions,  you would have seen them go through. That's the elusive <null> partition at work! :)




  • Yep, I did place calls prior to crating partitions which is why I suspected verification of 2.16 would not be possible until completing 2.17.  It's amazing how many similarities there are between Broadworks and CM.  It feels the same just getting your head around the Cisco way of doing things instead of the Broadsoft way.

  • definitely.....all of this is good old telco class of control [H]

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