Vol.1 2.15

In the task/configuration we assign 1010 for HQ Ph2 and at the end it says to repeat for remaining phones. It feels clumsy if I make HQ Ph2 1010, HQ Ph1 1011, and HQ Ph3 1012, but is this what I should be doing?

The Verification says to call HQ Ph2 from Ph1 to ensure call forward and ring settings are correct.  If HQ Ph2 forwards to 2001 I would expect to hear "Your call cannot be completed as dialed" since we haven't provisioned any 2XXX DN's yet. Is this the expected result?


  • Task 2.8 asks you to assign DN 2001 to BR1 Ph1


    Task 2.15 askes for a new line to be added to only phone 2, and the "repeat for the other phones" seems to only refer to setting all of the labels and EPNM to the already configured lines of the other phones.


    This is further confirmed in 2.16 where the only lines that are mentioned for the partitions are hq ph 1 line 1, hq ph 2 lines 1 and 2, and br ph 1 line 1.


    However, in 2.17 when the new partition is introduced, br ph 1 line 2 is mentioned, but this may be a typo since it is not mentioned anywhere else.




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