AdvTechnology labs Section 1.15 CUCME CUE


Question 1,  1.15:

Could you please verify  & explain the usage of "maximum session x"  under the dspfarm profile.


I did a configuration of "1" and made a 2 calls, first call succedded with xcoding, 2nd call failed.  Could you please verify if my understanding below is correct.

We need maximum session 1 for 1 call  & 2 for 2 calls ?  Instead of technology labs showing 6 for 3 calls ?

Could you also let me know, if sdspfarm units x,  & relation between "sdspfarm transcode sessions x"  Under telephony-service .


Question 2,  1.14 Conferencing:

What does the maximum session indicate here ?   1 for 1 conference as well ?  My configuration from 1.14 did not work here.  Is there a update / correction needed here in the document ?  


Thanks for your Support


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