Vol 1, Lab 1.35: Live Reply restrict is not working in CUE


I am trying Vol I, Lab 1.35. I have the following lines in the CUE, but still 3010 is able to send reply messages to 3011 without being restricted by the restrict tables. Do you see any issues with the config or if someone else has tried it, maybe they can share their experience.

restriction reply-rest create
restriction reply-rest min-digits 1
restriction reply-rest max-digits 4
restriction reply-rest dial-string preference 1 pattern * allowed
restriction reply-rest dial-string preference 2 pattern 3011 disallowed

voicemail live-reply network-precedence phonenumberE164
voicemail live-reply restriction reply-rest

Also, please notethat both Live Reply and Live Record do TURN ON the MWI. At least, that's what I am seeing :)




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