Vol.1 1.5 IOS Call Routing

I found a very minor error in Vol.1 1.5


Bullet item 3 states:

National: 90[1-8]XXXXXXXXX


The solution states:

dial-peer voice 901 pots



Based on the solution it looks like the task should be written [1-9]



  • The task also states to Strip Caller ID information for national calls.  The way I would normally do this is by inserting clid strip or clid restrict to dial-peer 901 but I do not see a reference to stripping clid in the solution.  Using clid strip only strips the number and using clid restrict strips both name and number and displays Unknown as clid on the PSTN phone. Based on the context of the questions I'm sticking with clid restrict.


  • Hello Mark,


    Thanks for the feedback. The Dial-Plan differs in some of our labs for the Uk, so that is the reason for the discrepency between 8 and 9, however I'll make sure it gets updated. In regards to your second question, you are correct ,the clid strip or restrict command under the dial-peer is the proper configuration to accomplish the task. (Note that you can also use the clid strip name command to only strip the name)

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